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Kalan Enterprises – About Us

Managing feral cattle off the country

Managing feral cattle off the country

Kalan Enterprises was the brainchild of the late Anne Creek; Coen and Cape York leader who helped forge land rights outcomes and social change for the people of Cape York.

Anne worked to establish Kalan as a sub-regional organisation to create opportunities for Traditional Owners to look after their land.

Kalan is the Kaantju word for the Ghost Gum tree, and is also a water hole and Sacred Site on Kaantju lands where it is believed a specific Ghost Gum created a water hole and has stood vigil still today over that water to protect it.

“We have been thinking about our land for a long time - most of our old people are gone. We need to make sure that our plans for the future involve the deep knowledge of our elders from the past. When we think about our plans, we never lose sight of this. It’s the sort of mindset that keeps us motivated to hold strong our stories and our culture and to really look after our country and everything on it. Yeh, the memories of our elders can never be forgotten.” - Dion Creek, Kaantju Traditional Owner, Kalan Director

For more information on Kalan Enterprises, contact our head office in Coen on phone (07) 4060 1038 or email office@kalan.org.au

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