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Healthy Culture

Kalan engages Traditional Owners on country delivering a work program they have designed, taking into consideration the maintenance of well looked after places and restoration of degraded or threatened sites. Kalan incorporates cultural practises, customs and protocols within our land management work methods. The advice of our knowledgeable elders is incorporated into everything we do. Kalan supports the employment of elder Ms Jennifer Creek as a Cultural Heritage Officer. In this role, Jennifer has a hand in overseeing all proposed work; before works go ahead, Jennifer has to feel satisfied that the right people are involved and that proper talks and meetings take place for the country.

Kalan Enterprises – Improving Standards of Living For Families

We are well aware that stable employment underpins household stability. Jobs support a routine behaviour that we want to instill in our young kids – that parents work, that Mum or Dad are engaged in a job. The activity of life around work and jobs sends positive signals to families and our wider community. We are proud that Kalan is a leading indigenous employer at Coen. Earning an income means our team members and their families have increased capacity to cover day-to-day expenses (such as food, clothes, furniture and household goods), plan important family purchases, save for our children’s education needs, take up hobbies and support more social activities. Kalan Enterprises is helping to improve the standard of living for families at Coen.

For more information on Kalan Enterprises, contact our head office in Coen on phone (07) 4060 1038 or email office@kalan.org.au

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