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Preparing for cassowary field research with CSIRO

Preparing for cassowary field research with CSIRO

Kalan Enterprises engages Traditional Owners in caring for country, raises aspirations within community and improves standards of living for families within the Coen region. We are a clan based company for the Southern Kaantju people. Our moto is Healthy People – Healthy Country – Healthy Culture. All of these elements are intrinsically intertwined and work together to achieve sustainable outcomes for community.

You can support Kalan Enterprises, helping us to achieve our objectives by donating your time, expertise or funds. Kalan Enterprises is currently in negotiation with external organisations to develop an independent body which will raise and distribute funds, supporting Kalan Enterprises and other similar operations, to achieve their objectives. This independent body will make funds available to appropriate indigenous organisations, such as Kalan Enterprises, who are operating within the Cape York Peninsula region. Funds would be dispersed through an application system, to support specific events and projects, with demonstrated objectives and timelines. Successful funding applicants would report on activities and outcomes, showing cause and effect as a direct result of support provided.

If you’d like to support Kalan and its activities, while this independent body is still being established, we welcome your input and invite you to contact us directly.

For more information on Kalan Enterprises, contact our head office in Coen on phone (07) 4060 1038 or email office@kalan.org.au

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