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Kalan Enterprises – Education

Education is a key priority at Kalan Enterprises, not only for our Rangers [Land Management Officers] and Trainees, but also engaging with the younger generation and school children. Ongoing education helps create employment opportunities and brings people closer to country. It raises aspirations within community.

Ranger Education

Exposure to different working environments and training opportunities has increased the Rangers’ confidence in their skills and abilities, strengthening their career aspirations. The Kalan Rangers have completed their Certificate 3 in Conservation and Land Management; other natural resource management training courses, computer literacy and financial management training with Westpac.

“I like going out on to the land and learn about the plants and animals, and seeing my Dad working hard to look after this place.” - Verona Platt, Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Program

Children have also broadened their horizons, strengthened their connection to country and raised their career aspirations, through engagement with and exposure to the activities of Kalan Enterprises. Children are involved in a Junior Ranger Program, camping trips and regular school visits from the Rangers. This program allows for the important transfer of knowledge between generations. Children are learning about cultural practices, artefacts and language, including how to make baskets, dilly bags and spears. The Kalan Rangers are teaching nursery rhymes, parts of the body and flora and fauna names in their traditional language.

“Knowing our country helps us land management officers to look after it. And we also teach the younger ones in the school about how it is important to look after it, it is our country that gives us our culture.” - Gabriel Creek, Kaantju Traditional Owner, Land Management Officer

Held in high regard by the community, the Kalan Rangers are positive role models for school children aspiring to a career in land management.

“We have got kids in the (Junior Ranger) program who look up to our Land Management Officers, they look up to them as role models. They want to be able to look after their country the right way too when they grow up.” - Lucretia Creek, Kaantju Traditional Owner, Kalan Director

For more information on Kalan Enterprises, contact our head office in Coen on phone (07) 4060 1038 or email office@kalan.org.au

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