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Healthy People

One of the three fundamental objectives of Kalan Enterprises is ‘Healthy People’. We strive to achieve this by:

Engaging Traditional Owners in Caring for Country

Traditional Owners meet regularly to plan and guide activities in accordance with cultural priorities. Working with the Kalan Rangers, Traditional Owners and Elders we are passing on our knowledge of bush medicine and tucker, flora and fauna, ways of caring for country and traditional language. The Kalan Rangers together with the Traditional Owners and Elders are creating a database that documents the scientific and traditional language names of flora and fauna. Elders and Traditional Owners feel their unique and important knowledge is valued.

Raising Aspirations Within Community

Providing pathways for community members to engage in activities and develop their own opportunities through education and advancement.

Having access to computers and training in computer literacy, the Kalan Rangers can now shop online and access a variety of goods not available locally. The Rangers are saving money and undertaking long-term financial planning. Some are entering into agreements to buy their own cars and some are buying houses through the Indigenous Business Australia home-ownership scheme.

Maintenance Team

Rangers have also been able to go on family holidays.

Improving Standards of Living For Families

By creating sustainable employment opportunities through the Kalan Rangers, Kalan Enterprises is helping to improve the standard of living for families within its community. Earning a decent income, the Rangers and their families have greater life choices. With increased capacity to cover day-to-day expenses (such as food, clothes, furniture and household goods) the Kalan Rangers have been able to buy presents for their children, take up hobbies and support more social activities. All the Kalan Rangers with children have established a Student Education Trust (SET) fund. A Cape York Partnerships initiative, SET allows families to put aside money for their children’s school fees and other education expenses. The rangers are contributing more money to their children’s SET funds, with some rangers contributing in the Gold Category, the program’s highest category.

For more information on Kalan Enterprises, contact our head office in Coen on phone (07) 4060 1038 or email office@kalan.org.au

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