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Land Management Officers

Land Management Officers [Kalan Rangers] are the core of Kalan’s staff list. They conduct the groundwork, ensuring planning being developed at a larger regional level is successfully being carried out. Our team are all trained with a Certificate 3 in Conservation Land Management, Chainsaw Operations, Timber Felling, Sawmill Operations, Chemicals and Weed Spraying, Operating ATV’s. They are also all local indigenous residents with a strong connection to country; meaning the work that is done is more than a job. It is an opportunity to continue traditions of cultural importance, an enabling responsibility that allows the historical knowledge of culture to be maintained and used on a daily basis.

Gabriel Creek - Land Management

I came back at Kalan in 2011. At Kalan, I am working on my country, looking after my own land. Working on country with family is a good feeling, a lot of people don’t get the chance to do this, so we are very lucky. Kalan also helps the community, which I like. It helped fund the dance festival, and our football team in the Cape York tournament. I am looking forward to being a part of Kalan as we grow and expand our work program. We are looking to building infrastructure so that we can work and stay on the land.

Djinabugee Jaffer - Land Management

My name is Djinabugee Jaffer. I started working for Kalan in 2011 as a volunteer on my high school holidays. I also did my school work experience here. I love working out in the bush, doing things like fencing cattle out, spraying the weeds and night time biodiversity surveys. I also work on the feral pig project with our Scientist. Being at Kalan keeps me busy; it’s hard work but I enjoy it at the same time. We are learning about new things all the time. “Kalan is a good working environment because we are all family and I like the feeling of being on country in the bush and looking after it and at the same time getting paid to look after it. It’s awesome!”

Puchaanu Creek - Land Management

I started working for Kalan Enterprises in 2014 as a part-time employee and now I am on a traineeship. I do all sorts of things out in the bush and in our work shed. I work closely with our Operational Manager. He teaches me how to use things safely – all the OHS stuff. Kalan is a safe environment, a learning environment. Everyone here helps me work better, do my job better and come to work on time. I like going out on to country, it is a good feeling to be able to visit country and look after it.

Isaac Rokeby - Land Management

I started working for Kalan this year [2015]. I have learnt how to mix chemicals to kill weeds, put together a strong pig fence and deal with feral cattle. The work can be hard and sometimes dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, but you are always learning something new. I like getting out on to country and looking after Story Places. I also like having money in the bank, money that I have worked for.

Terrence Creek - Land Management

I’m Terry and I am one of the full time Land Management Officers here at Kalan. I joined Kalan in 2013 and have been here for 2 years. I was interested in working here because I love being able to work outdoors. After completing my Cert 3 in Conservation Land Management I felt that I was ready, but I have still learned a lot on the job. One of my favorite parts of the job so far is working with the our scientist and scientists from the CSIRO, and other universities. They have come up to do research in the area and it is really interesting that they help us manage our country. I like it when it’s time to do turtle nest monitoring.

James Clarmont - Heavy Machinery

My name is James Claremont but everyone calls me Shaggy. I am from Lockhart River. I am the eldest Ranger here at Kalan. I am an Umpila man. My country is on the east coast of Coen. I live here now on-top country, with my wife on her land. I like living in Coen it is very close to my country Umpila. My land is the Nesbitt River. The work I do here at Kalan is driving trucks and tractors, I am the heavy machinery man. I fix roads, dig gravel, cart all our gear around and help out the young fellas. Kalan has started work down on the coast looking at turtles and dugong monitoring and I hope one day that Kalan will also help look after my country, Umpila with sea management.

Joseph Blanco - Land Management

My name is Joseph Blanco. I started working at Kalan this year [2015]. I work on the Kalan Pig Program. This involves a variety of task, one including fencing. We fence out the pigs, and cattle from some of our significant places on country like lagoons and springs, cultural sites. Its a tough job fencing but I don't mind it, it keeps me fit and ready for football seasons. I was interested in working with Kalan because I wanted a job that involved working to sustain a healthy country and a better livelihood for my family.

Alfred Thompson - Land Management

My name is Alfred Thompson. I am an Umpila man from the Massey River and Rocky River area from my Grandfather side. And LamaLama man from the east coast, south of Coen from my Grandmother side. Through all my elders I am connected up to all the country around Coen. I commenced work with Kalan this year [2015] in October. Kalan has given me the opportunity to work in my community looking after the land around here on a range of Land Management projects. I mostly enjoy biodiversity surveys, studying the country like the plants and animals. In the evenings is when I enjoy surveying, it is much cooler and you can cover a lot of land and many species are more active at night.

Simpson Paii - Land Management

I am Simpson Paii but everyone call me Roger. I am from the Torres Strait. I have lived and worked in Cape York for many years. I started work with Kalan this year, and so far I am enjoying everything. Working here at Kalan is good work, this is a good environment and the team here are all very welcoming and opened about looking after and caring for their country. I like this, and this is what motivated me to come work here at Kalan.

Junior Ranger Program

Children are involved in a Junior Ranger Program, camping trips and regular school visits. This program allows for the important transfer of knowledge between generations. Children are learning about land management, conservation and the important role that culture plays in how to look after country properly.

For more information on Kalan Enterprises, contact our head office in Coen on phone (07) 4060 1038 or email admin@kalan.org.au

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